When Divorce and Criminal Charges Collide

Divorce proceedings can be incredibly complex.  As your divorce attorney, Dennis Burke can handle your case effectively.  However, your case will become increasingly more complicated if criminal charges are involved.

Dennis was a Jefferson County prosecutor and also has an established criminal defense practice.  Unfortunately, family law cases can be seriously impacted when your attorney is forced to deal with allegations of domestic violence, child abuse and/or neglect, and various other types of charges.  Even if these allegations are proven to be false, it still requires a lot of work to defend you and your reputation against them.

There’s a delicate balance between building your image as an effective, loving parent and dealing with any evidence the other side might use to argue against that image.  Criminal charges brought during divorce proceedings can affect your parenting time, child custody, child support and other financial considerations.

Dennis Burke is a skilled trial attorney, but you need to be very aware of how your family law case can be harmed by:

  • DUI/DWI arrests
  • Drug Charges
  • Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs)
  • Assault Charge
  • Rape Allegations
  • Charges of Financial Misconduct

Normally, you’d have to start over with another attorney.  However, Dennis can work to effectively manage dissolution and criminal defense litigation in Louisville divorce cases (and in the surrounding counties as well).

One of the major challenges when family law courts and criminal courts collide is that the attorneys need to communicate and even coordinate courtroom strategy and tactics.  Evidence from one proceeding may or may not be used against the defendant in the other proceeding.  It’s possible that your testimony in your family law case could be used against you in your criminal defense case.  Even your decision to plead the fifth needs to be considered because of its impact in the other court proceeding.

Dennis Burke understands how the two intersect and how to navigate complicated legal maneuvers.  You won’t have to worry about whether or not your attorneys are communicating effectively.  Dennis is ready and able to handle both.

In fact, it’s possible for a litigant to have to participate in 3 separate court venues.  Again, Dennis Burke has the legal knowledge and courtroom experience to handle your case in:

  • Family Law Court
  • District & Circuit Criminal Court
  • Dependency & Neglect Administrative Hearings

You can place your confidence in Dennis to represent your interests in all 3 legal venues.  More importantly, he can skillfully manage the legal environments to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Don’t lay awake at night wondering if your lawyers are properly coordinating your divorce and criminal case strategies.  You may not know if they’re even on the same page.  If you find yourself in this situation, having one attorney (rather and 2-3) provide peace of mind.  Louisville divorce lawyer, Dennis Burke, will be your advocate.

Before you hire a Jefferson County family law attorney, make sure you take time to properly discuss your specific situation.  If you think criminal charges could be made against you, or your have charges in your past, you need a skilled divorce litigator who’s not afraid to protect your reputation, as well as your rights.  Contact our office to schedule your confidential appointment.  Our phone number is:  (502) 262-4984.