Tips for better communication during divorce

A divorce can sometimes be a heated situation, and it can really put a strain on the lines of communication between you and your ex. Maybe they’re being stubborn about how the assets are to be divided, or you don’t want to negotiate about custody of the kids. From wherever the communications problems may stem it is best that you and your ex can get a handle on them, and try to be as civil with one another as possible. It will cause the process to go more smoothly, and will cut out unneeded drama.

What can you do to better communicate during the divorce process?

Here are a few tips to being a better communicator during your divorce:

  1. Take your time – Not every phone call, email, or text message has to be responded to immediately. This is especially true if it’s over an issue that will get your blood boiling. Take some time to think the issue through, and what would be the best way for you to communicate your point of view. The content of your message is going to be much more important than how quickly you reply. So if you need to take a few hours to think everything through take that time, and reply as thoughtfully as possible.
  2. Set boundaries – A divorce is not only an emotional ordeal but it can also be stressful. If there are hot button issues that are going to cause you and your ex to blow the lid off an argument then it is best that the two of you agree not to talk about those things. Agree that if the subject is not productive in achieving the goals of your divorce to just leave it alone. There’s no reason to have an argument over something that is not going to move the process along.
  3. Stick to the issue at hand – One thing you may be tempted to do when communicating with your spouse – whether it be by phone, text message, or email – is to go through their dirty laundry, and make a record of all the reasons they are responsible for the divorce. But that is not why you’re communicating with them. The divorce is already taking place so there is no reason to rehash all of the issues that led to this situation. If the conversation is about debt you share then stick to that. If the conversation is about who will take care of the kids then stick to that. Always keep the current issue as the topic of the conversation.

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