Do traffic offenses ever come off your record?

In the state of Kentucky having points on your driving record can mean the difference between hitting the road carefree, or working to earn back your driving privileges. It’s important to understand how the points system works because even if you haven’t gotten a ticket within the past few years the points may still be on your record. You need to know what you can do to keep your driving record in good standing.

How the point system works

Kentucky’s traffic point system is designed to encourage smart driving behavior while identifying negligent drivers.

The day you get your driver’s license your driving record is a clean slate – this means you have zero points. However, every time you get a traffic violation, points are added to your record. According to Kentucky’s laws, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet maintains your driver’s history for 5 years. Points that have been added to your record will be removed 2 years from the date of your conviction. However, the ticket itself will remain on your record for the full 5-year duration. In addition, 3-year driving records are maintained and are available for review by insurance companies.

Summary of point values

Some good news is, if you are pulled over for doing 10 MPH or less above the posted limit, you may receive a ticket, but points will not be added to your record. This particular violation has a zero point value. Most of the common violations in Kentucky will earn between 3-6 points. Here is a summary of some common violations and their point values:

  • 3 Points – Speeding 11-15 MPH, Failure to Yield, Stop Violations, Careless Driving, Improper Lane Usage
  • 4 Points – Reckless Driving, Following Too Closely, Changing Driver in Motor Vehicles, Out of Control Vehicle
  • 5 Points – Improper Passing
  • 6 Points – Speeding 16-25 MPH, Failure to Stop For A School Bus, Committing 2 or More Violations At Once

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